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Optimizing Your Eco Process

Simulation test

  • Granular sludge
  • Gas counter
  • Plug flow reactors
  • CSTR's

Simulation or continuous tests, thé experiments designated to carry a full biological process simulation. The feasibility of a purification or processing also can be estimated. Furthermore, these tests are used to determine the ideal retention time, maximum organic loading rate, inhibitions, the digestate production and process stability.

Innolab offers four types of reactors for anaerobic digestion:

- Lying plug flow reactor (dry fermentation)

- Garage Digester (dry fermentation)

- Silo fermentor (dry fermentation)

- Continuous mixed reactor (wet fermentation)


In the field of wastewater treatment Activated sludge systems and UASB reactors with various configurations are available.

Our reactors have a large volume thus upscaling the results to a full scale situation is possible

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